About us

hdesign  a different design agency, so what is so different about hdesign?

At hdesign we are aware that any successful company will already be using a design agency, although from our experience, in general, they will be expensive because of their huge overheads. This is where we differ, we work from satellite offices around the country and so don’t incur this level of costs! Consequently, a lot of our business involves working with large corporations that already have a solid brand style, they now want to keep further marketing expenses to a minimum. Activities include projects, large and small, ranging from various forms to brochures, newsletters annual reports and advertising. We can produce these at a fraction of the cost! Please call us for a no obligation quote, what have you got to lose…

The main services we offer are:
  Advertising / Marketing
 Corporate branded literature
 Company brochures
 Annual reports and proposals
 Website design & hosting
 Exhibition / Event design and presentations
 Photography and Illustration

We are friendly and always happy to chat about your next project, call us on: 01489 690889 or Email us: info@hertsdesign.co.uk.